Wildflowers – Close to my Heart Augmented Reality Addon



Wildflowers – Close to my Heart Augmented Reality Addon – If you would like to upspec your artprint and see it through a new lense – this is the option for you.

Augmented reality turns your stagnant art print into a moving piece of art.

Whenever you put your phone (with app) to the print you will see it moving.  This adds another dimension to your static artwork.

This is based on the original painting Wildflowers – Close to my Heart.

This painting was created for an exhibition titled ‘Our Times’.  This painting is being represented by the Welcome Swallow Gallery in Grey Street, Hamilton East.  If you want to see this painting in person you can visit the gallery or you can order from my website and I will liaise with the gallery.  The Welcome Swallow Gallery supports Children in Need and when buying this artwork you are contributing to this charity.

The theme of the exhibition was to give audiences of the exhibition an opportunity to see how the artist captures how the community is living through this very challenging period of Covid restrictions and lockdowns.

I took this opportunity to show this period of time from my point of view and the series of paintings all reflect this.

This image was sought from an international photographer, with permission.  And I feel that this period of time made me reflect on how we can start living for the small moments in life and so I thought this beautiful field of wildflowers makes me feel just that.  It also reminds me of my childhood where I loved to plant wildflowers in my Mums beautiful garden.

This is a pivot from my normal art style but it just seemed to flow so nicely.  Many many layers have been put into this artwork and it was very freeing to paint in this style.  Once again I chose to use a limited colour palette but chose that slight purple hue to wash over it and give that lovely sunset feeling to the piece.

I always want my works to look consistent, therefore six or seven colours are used in my paintings.  As a result, I am trying to achieve harmony within the painting and my whole landscape series.

In addition I am honoured that this painting has received an award from the opening night of The Welcome Swallow Galleries ‘Winter Bright’ Exhibition – winning the Volunteers Award.


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