Wave Break: NZ Landscape Painting


A 21″ (540 mm) Oil Painting on Canvas – finished in a glossy resin and comes in a frame.

Finished beautifully front and back.  Signed on the front with my signature in gold pen.

This painting has many acrylic layers that build up the colours and depth.

This comes ready to hang and shipped in safe & packaging.  This painting was completed in 2022.

Please allow one week to process your order, whilst I make sure it is in pristine condition and create postage packaging for safe shipment.  I’ll be in contact with the exact timeframes to ship it to your destination.

It is advisable to measure out the painting using the dimensions above, to make sure it will fit your space perfectly. In-situ images are not to be used as a guide.

Please note that some computer monitors display colour differently, so your painting may differ slightly in colour from the image you see onscreen.


Wave Break: NZ Landscape painting.  An Original Landscape Painting of a crashing wave by Artist Kirsten McIntosh

Wave Break: NZ Landscape – A great portion of my paintings involve water.  There is something special about being near the sea, surf, lakes or rivers.

This was an enjoyable painting – it seemed to just paint itself.  Every brush stroke brought this painting to life.

In particular, I love the emerald green colours of the water.  It makes me feel like I could jump into the wave.

Blue Seascapes Are Calming. For instance being near the ocean has mental health and physical benefits. In the case of Wave Break: NZ Landscape it may help you with feelings of calm – research shows that being near the colour blue is associated with these feelings.  This painting flowed so nicely.

This piece has been finished in resin.  A watery/glossy look which adds a contemporary feel to the painting.

Futhermore I always want my works to look consistent.  My paintings include 6 or 7 colours.  I am trying to achieve harmony within the painting and my whole landscape series.  I definately will be painting more surf and water scenes.

I’d love for you to check out some of my other landscape paintings.

Thanks for viewing.

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Dimensions21 × 1.45 × 21 in


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