Hot Water Beach Sunset: NZ Landscape Painting


A large 22″ x 28″ (560 mm x 710mm) Acrylic Painting on Canvas 1.45″ wide (37 mm)

Finished beautifully front and back.  Signed on the front with my signature in gold pen and dated on the back.  This is one of my original paintings so it is signed Kirsten Heaslip my maiden name.

Protected with a matt sealant to protect against uv light to stop fading.

This piece is hand painted on box canvas.   This painting has many acrylic layers that build up the colours and depth.

This comes ready to hang and shipped in safe & packaging and dated on the back.  This painting was completed in 2015.  The watermark logo seen in the image is to prevent the image being used without permission.

Please allow one week to process your order, whilst I make sure it is in pristine condition and create postage packaging for safe shipment.  I’ll be in contact with the exact timeframes to ship it to your destination.

It is advisable to measure out the painting using the dimensions above, to make sure it will fit your space perfectly. In-situ images are not to be used as a guide.

Keep in mind that all computer monitors display colour differently, so your painting may differ slightly in colour from the image you see onscreen.



Hot Water Beach Sunset:  NZ Landscape Painting.  An original acrylic painting of Hot Water Beach painted by Kirsten McIntosh

Hot Water Beach Sunset: NZ Landscape Painting came about when my family had a Christmas Holiday at Hot Water Beach.  We hired a cute little bach right near the beach and it was such a fun time had with our two young boys James and Daniel.

Hot Water Beach – it’s name gives it away.  You can dig holes in the sand to make Hot Water pools – so it is lots of fun digging and finding a nice warm spot to sit.

In this one particular, after dinner walk, I captured this stunning sunset sending its rays on the water.  The beautiful colours in the sky and reflecting in the water is what made this shot so special – and I felt that it needed to be painted.

Additionally, I have added some text to the painting which reads “In each of us are places where we have never gone.  Only by pressing the limits do we ever find them”.

The challenge in this painting was all of the ripples in the water and getting the reflections just right.

On the whole a great portion of my paintings involve water.  There is something special about being near the sea, surf, lakes or rivers.

As a rule I always want my works to look consistent.  Hence only six or seven colours are used in my paintings.  I am trying to achieve harmony within the painting and my whole landscape series.

Prints of this artwork are available on request through my contact page.

Thanks for viewing.

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Weight1.0 kg
Dimensions22 × 1.45 × 28 in


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