Hand Embellished Art Print


I will be available to hand embellish ‘Washed with Sunlight’ Limited Edition Prints.

I will be adding more prints in the next few months.



Hand Embellished Art print

If you would like to turn your beautiful limited edition into a one of a kind hand embellished piece of art then I’m happy to do this for you.

You will get to see the brush strokes on the print which will make it like an original for not so much of the cost.

I will highlight key areas of the painting to bring it to life.

This is based on the original painting Washed with Sunlight.

Washed with Sunlight painting came about when our family visited the beautiful Redwood Forest in Rotorua.  On a gorgeous Autumn morning our family headed out for a walk in amongst the towering Redwoods.  What an incredible view with the light hitting the leaves and making its ways into the forest floor.

Layers of paint are used in my paintings to create the depth.  I want for you to feel that you can step into the painting and go on a journey to see what is in beyond the trees.

I love the colours of Autumn in this piece and the array of colours in the wilting leaves.

It is thought that Autumn represents adulthood and maturity.  A tree is the symbol of immense and enduring strength.

I always want my works to look consistent, therefore six or seven colours are used in my paintings.  As a result, I am trying to achieve harmony within the painting and my whole landscape series.

In addition I am honoured that this painting has received an award from the opening night of The Welcome Swallow Galleries ‘Winter Bright’ Exhibition – winning the Volunteers Award.




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