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Birds Eye View Note Card


14.2 cm high x 11 cm wide vertically folded note card.  Comes with envelope and sealed in a plastic sleeve for protection.

The note card is blank inside.

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Birds Eye View Note Card

Birds Eye View Note Card is based on the original painting Birds Eye View which is a scene of Raglan.

Birds Eye View of Raglan: NZ Landscape Painting is is a scene from Raglan School Camp.  This painting is the painting that I have based all of my Marketing around so it is a special piece.  I think this painting was the turning point in my art career.  It also was at a time when my kids were gaining a little bit of independence which mean that I could dedicate some more time to this endeavour.

Whilst visiting my son James at his school camp I captured this shot.  I lent on the fence and took this breathtaking million dollar view.  It was my sons first attempt at the flying fox so I was a nervous mum watching on.

I’m always looking at opportunities to capture that special shot to take home to my studio.  Allbeit enjoying the camp with my gorgeous son.

I love all the areas of interest in this shot and love the colours of nature.  I feel that they work so cohesively together.  The challenge in this painting was to capture all of the detail but not take away from the seascape.

A great portion of my paintings involve water.  There is something special about being near the sea, surf, lakes or rivers.

Futhermore I would like for all of my works to look consistent so I only use six or seven colours in my paintings.  I am trying to achieve harmony within the painting and my whole landscape series.


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