Beauty in Bloom: NZ Floral Painting


A medium round (tondo) 24″ (610 mm) Oil Painting on Board 0.5″ wide (13 mm)

Finished beautifully front and back.  Signed on the front with my signature in gold pen and dated.

Protected with a matt sealant to protect against uv light to stop fading.  The painting can be spot cleaned.

This piece is hand painted on board.   This painting has many acrylic/oil layers that build up the colours and depth.

This comes ready to hang.  This painting was completed in 2021.



Beauty in Bloom : NZ Floral Painting came about when I brought this gorgeous array of flowers from a local florist.  I always photograph the bouquet in case I feel like painting the scene.

Flowers are a theme that I have painted before.   It is still a skill that I want to enhance and conquer to show that my series of works is more than landscapes.  The bouquet Beauty in Bloom: NZ Floral Painting mostly features roses which are one of my favourite flowers.

This painting is a little different in the fact that I have used silver leaf to give an iridescent look.  I was inspired by the theme of the exhibition ‘Winter Bright’.  A  shot of light was brought in, that only metallic foil can give.  The colours have been muted down slightly to tone in the flowers and the foliage.

It was a real challenge to make the flowers look realistic, but I just love using the technique of scumbling to create the shadows on the underside of the petals. I really had to concentrate on each flower to make sure it was representative of how I thought the flower should look.

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The softness of the colours in this piece I love, and feel that my colour choices have matured slightly – I wanted this series of works to be cohesive.

This painting is available through Welcome Swallow Gallery & Gifts.  You can either liaise directly with that gallery or purchase through my website and I will advise the gallery accordingly.

Prints will be made from this original painting.

Thanks for viewing.

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Dimensions24 × 0.5 × 24 in


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