Kirsten McIntosh

About Me - Kirsten McIntosh

About Me - Kirsten McIntosh Landscape & Contemporary resin Artist

I'm an artist based in Cambridge, New Zealand.

After travelling extensively through Europe, Canada, the Middle East and South-East Asia, I returned to my hometown of Cambridge in New Zealand.

One day, I hope to develop a series of landscape paintings that records my travels.  For instance all of my photos of Venice, Prague. Morocco and more

For the time being, I find no lack of inspiration here in beautiful New Zealand.



A walk with my family or a short drive yields special scenes to be photographed and brought back to my home studio.

I see opportunities for landscape painting all around me. “The roadside grasses, the clouds and the late afternoon sun.

I enjoy the challenge of capturing the reflections of rocks and clouds in the water and especially the clouds.

“Every painting I do, I look for a challenge. This helps me to develop my techniques.”

Certainly In aiming to tie my works together and establish a consistent style, I work with a limited colour palette.  Such as, representing our New Zealand Landscape I use only a few rich colours.



Oil painting I find to be lovely to paint with.  However, I have painted quite a bit in Acrylic and enjoy both mediums.

In my experience it depends on the amount of detail in the scene as to whether I should paint the painting in oil or acrylic and how much time I have to dry the layers.

Currently my style is hyperrealistic and it is my aim to paint the scene as it is.  In time I hope to additionally work on portraiture.

I think my personality requires a more formal and structured style of art.

One of my inspirations is the works of Klimt and I do love a touch of gold, so I always add a touch of gold in my signature.

Additionally, as a point of difference, I tend to work in circular or square canvas shapes as for me, I think they usually fit nicely in a space.



I am a member of the Cambridge Society of Arts and Waikato Society of Arts.

You can view more of my work at The Mobile Art Gallery in Auckland and various galleries and exhibitions around the Waikato in New Zealand.

I have sold to many collectors all over the world and I aim to hold exhibitions in art fairs internationally.



Commissions have become very special for me.  Personally I love working on paintings that have a special meaning for the client.  I believe that it quite often is emotional for the person to see the finished piece that they will be able to look upon daily.  It brings me great joy and satisfaction to do this for them!