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Hunkering Down for Autumn: Painting Titled ‘Waterlillies at Te Koutu’

Artists Blog – Hunkering Down for Autumn: Planning out the Year

Hello to everyone viewing my blog.

The very first one for me so hopefully it has some interest to you all.

A bit about me:

It has been a very busy few years raising my two boys (7 and 9) and supporting my very busy husband.  But I think I have finally reached a place where I can dedicate some time each day to pursuing a career in artistry (painting).  Two hours is all I can allow (more if a deadline is looming of course) and I do always leave things to the last minute.

So this year a few of the usual exhibition hot spots have not, for various reasons, been available to me so I think I will concentrate on experimenting a little with some contemporary work.  I love my current realism landscape style but it is always nice to challenge yourself with your work.  There are a few exhibitions later in the year but my focus is to get into a few more galleries around New Zealand and for my work to be selling consistently in those galleries.  This in turn will help to get my name out there in the public eye.

How I get my Inspiration:

With my work I mostly obtain the photograph through travelling around my home town or throughout New Zealand, occasionally overseas.  And then I may put a filter over top to enhance the colours or give it an contemporary type feel (see my recent Monet styled painting ‘Waterlillies at Te Koutu‘).

Original oil painting of Waterlillies at Te Koutu by Artist Kirsten McIntosh of Kirsten McIntosh Art.
Original oil painting of Waterlillies at Te Koutu by Artist Kirsten McIntosh of Kirsten McIntosh Art.

New Challenges:

I have recently joined a Plein Air painting group and this is helping me to paint a lot looser and quicker as we are usually only there for a few hours – so this may influence my style in time.

Until next time:

So my next pieces are some Coromandel Beach scenes, a local Church scene and then working on some contemporary pieces for some competitions that I would like to enter later in the year.  So I’ll share these with you once they are finished.

Very excited to start work on these.

Thanks for taking the time to view my blog – if you would like any further information on these pieces or any other art information please get in contact or comment below.

As I am always experimenting I’d love to know what style of painting you think I should try next?

With thanks and kindest regards Kirsten

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